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Break Free of Traditional Computing
with Virtual Workspaces

As remote work continues to accelerate, the demand for more long-term remote work solutions continues to grow. Our desktop virtualization service has become a sought-after solution helping customers simplify their IT management and reduce costs.

Enhance Communication with a Modern Phone System

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Benefits of Lexcom's Modern Workspace

really REALLY Secure Workspace

Many businesses do not realize the amount of risk their business is taking by not having the appropriate security controls in place. We have built our modern workplace solution to have the necessary safeguards in place for the most prominent security threats.

team productivity & collaboration tools

The modern workplace includes Microsoft productivity tools including Microsoft Office, Microsoft Teams and Onedrive. All data is backed up each day to ensure

VOIP Telephone Systems

Having the ability to call from anywhere is a huge benefit. The modern workplace offers multiple options that allow you to access your phone system from anywhere.

employee Cyber education

Lets face it, your employees are likely going to be the weak link in your overall cyber security posture. To address that, we have included cyber security training and phishing attack simulators to teach your employees how to recognize and deal with a cyber security threat.

work from any where at any time

Many businesses were caught off guard during the COVID-19 shutdowns. With the modern workplace, you have the freedom to work from anywhere that has an Internet connection.

easily scale your business

One of the best features of the modern workplace is its flexibility and agility. It is easy to add new computing capacity and expand during peak periods or contract when business slows down.

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