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What are we about?

For the past 25 years, Lexcom has been focused on solving problems for our clients through our expertise in business and information technology. We unravel problems by helping you break down a problem into small achievable wins, delivering a systematic and structured approach in delivering predicable and repeatable results. Most of the time, there is an information technology component involved.


We help our clients plan an information technology service strategy for their business and then take all of that responsibility off of them so that they can focus on their next move.  

We approach IT from the perspective of the ownership team, going to battle with them at all steps, focused on one goal, their success.

Success to us means helping them unravel any chaos in their organization and moving them towards a well-structured, scalable model while also looking after their best interests from a risk perspective. We are truly here to take care of IT for you.

What Makes a Lexcom Employee?

Our Core Values Are At The Heart Of Every Interaction We Have With You.
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Honesty &

Honesty & Integrity are at the heart of everything we do. We take accountability for the work we perform and make decisions that are conducive of establishing long term relationships. If we screw up, you can expect us to own up to our mistake and make it right.
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We are dedicated to delivering a better customer experience through our quality driven approach to service delivery. With us, you can expect to see a high level of performance and attention to detail.


Each member on our team plays an important role in our service delivery. We expect that each person on their team performs their job to the best of their ability, cross trains other staff members to support your account. They also recognize their weaknesses and escalate you to the right resource at the right time.


It is impossible for one person to know everything. Our people work as a team and are driven to get the right people involved immediately. This means much faster resolution times.


It is impossible for one person to know everything. Our people work as a team and are driven to get the right people involved immediately. This means much faster resolution times.

in their work

It is impossible for one person to know everything. Our people work as a team and are driven to get the right people involved immediately. This means much faster resolution times.

Why Choose Lexcom?

Many organizations struggle to formalize the necessary elements to deliver reliable IT services and proactively address the inherent risk IT presents to a business.

With Best Managed Technology we developed IT services from the perspective of the business owner and shareholders. As a business owner, you want to buy services that are directly relevant to the business, implement the necessary controls to protect your investment and a service level that aligns to the financial realities of the business.

At the heart of Best Managed Tech is our proprietary operational work program. It is a compilation of over 25 years of best practices, ISO controls for asset, information security, business continuity and risk management. We then took those best practices and operationalized them into services that you can subscribe to. This makes it easy for businesses to implement the specific controls and best practices within their business, without having to deal with the complexities of figuring it out yourself.

Lexcom’s IT services extend beyond computer, server and network support and into your applications. We have a team of business consultants, application developers, digital marketing professionals, database administrators and security professionals where line of business issues can be escalated to. We pride ourselves on hiring top talent, that are both personable and motivated to achieve success.

The end result for your business is that not only will you have a more reliable IT infrastructure, but you will have a team of professionals behind you to help you with all of your IT related needs.

But Don't take our word for it

Services we provide

lexcom offers a wide range of IT services. here are some of the more popular things we do...

Business Consulting

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Business Continuity, Disaster Recovery and Planning

cyber security & Risk Management

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Managed IT Services

Managed IT

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Having worked across many different industries there are many problems that we have already encountered. We apply cross industry, help you implement best practices and new trends, while also providing some insight into the security and reliability of your IT systems.

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