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Lexcom Specializes in Microsoft 365 & Microsoft Azure Cloud Services.

Improving Your Business with Cloud Services

With Cloud Services, many, if not all of your applications can move from physical equipment located on your premise to workloads available on the cloud.

It opens up new capabilities for your business to adapt to a quickly changing economy and opens up new opportunities for the future.

As Experts in Microsoft Cloud Solutions, we help you determine which applications make sense for cloud delivery, develop next generation technology and help you build and execute a strategy that will propel your business into the future.

Wondering if the cloud is right for your business?

We offer access to our Cloud Migration Readiness Guide, and FREE 60 Minute consultations to answer any questions you may have.
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From Idea to Execution: How People are Transforming Their Businesses with Cloud Based Digital Processes

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6 Workloads that offer Quick Wins in the Cloud

EMail, Calendar and contacts

Traditional services such as email, calendar and contact sharing such as Microsoft Exchange and Outlook have become a defacto standard in business communication. The cloud offers substantially larger mailbox sizes, continuous availability, enhanced security and a better overall experience than hosting it yourself.

team productivity & collaboration tools

Traditional team productivity tools such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Teams offer you the ability to work from anywhere. These tools allow you to coauthor documents with teammates, coordinate and run effective online meetings both internally to your business and externally with clients. Cloud based file storage such as Microsoft Onedrive allow you to store a substantial amount of information in the cloud and gain access to it from anywhere.

VOIP Telephone Systems

With more and more businesses being on the go, it can be advantageous to have access to your business phone system from anywhere you are. In many cases, cloud based phone services are substantially more cost effective than what you are doing today with cost savings up to 70% over traditional systems. The added benefit is that your phone moves with you whether you are working in the office, at home, in a hotel or at a client site.

identity and access control

With cyber crime continually increasing in sophistication, it has never been more important to protect your digital assets. Cloud based identity and access control systems enable you to secure assets everywhere you work while adding advanced capabilities that make it very difficult for cyber criminals to compromise. When implemented properly these systems can also minimize the number of passwords your employees need to use and streamline their daily work environment.

Websites & Web Applications

As businesses continue to make investments in transforming their businesses towards a new digital world having scalable, reliable and secure infrastructure to deliver those services are essential. The cloud offers you to quickly deliver these applications without the large capital investment to buy the hardware and software needed to build the reliability that today's customers expect.

Remote desktop & Virtual WOrkplaces

Remote Desktop and Virtual Workspaces allow you to deliver desktop and line of business applications over the Internet that could not otherwise be delivered that way. It also offers the ability for a business to deliver a standardized work environment, that has everythign an employee needs, with the ability to quickly scale up or down, with security controls in place and is independent from any computing device they are working on.

Why Choose Lexcom for your Cloud Initiatives?

Anybody can enter a credit card and sign up for new cloud services. More often than not, businesses simply do not implement these services properly and end up with a nightmare situation that ends up impacting productivity and doing the exact opposite of what you intended to achieve.

Lexcom has been in the technology industry for over 25 years. We have performed hundreds, if not thousands, of migrations over the course of those years. We are very effective at building migration strategies that work, designing services that provide the best possible experience for your employees, and we have a team of very experienced professionals that can make that dangerous first step a non-starter.

At the end of the day, you want to hire competent people that can deliver results. That is why you hire Lexcom.