The Making of a High Performance Technology Firm

Our business started from humble beginnings in the early 90’s as two young entrepreneurs, with a $4,000 investment, running a computer manufacturing business out of our basement. We saw an opportunity in helping businesses modernize themselves by networking their computers together, connecting to them to the Internet and helping them reimagine how to get things done.

Lexcom Systems Group was founded.

building from humble beginnings

In the beginning, we performed a substantial amount of work with the Provincial Government in Saskatchewan, and the Federal Government of Canada. Our competency in information technology resulted in us playing a major role in one of the largest information technology projects in Saskatchewan history, consolidating 16 executive government departments into one centralized IT support model. An 8 year, multi-million dollar project that touched every aspect of Government.

We gained a substantial amount of experience dealing with a multitude of different problems. There isn't much we haven't seen or experienced. Our work with the Government contributed to them earning a Gold Medal for excellence in IT service delivery. Ultimately, many of those lessons learned have become Lexcom best practices and are still relevant today.

pioneering the managed IT services model

Back in 2001, highspeed Internet was really starting to open up new options for providing support to our clients. We began to offer cloud hosted solutions and remote IT support services to our customers. We made substantial investments in these capabilities including the implementation of a service ticketing system and professional support and automation tools.

At this time, we began to remotely monitor our clients infrastructure, proactively patch their servers and help prevent viruses from infecting their networks. We went through a period of tremendous growth becoming one of Saskatchewan's top information technology firms.

too much trust is not a good thing

Going through tremendous growth was great. We were hiring new people, our revenue was growing and life was great. Unfortunately, a few disgruntled employees were able to disrupt this growth and derail everything. The impact on our business was substantial. It took years to repair the damage to our reputation, it cost us millions of dollars in revenue and nearly put us out of business. While this was a major issue, it also made us see a major opportunity to solve a problem that most business owners don't even realize they have.

reinventing Managed IT Services

For any business owner who has gone through a major crisis, it sucks! You have a significant amount of capital tied up into your venture, you are on the hook legally for your business, you are responsible to pay your employees, your reputation is on the line and you are indebted to your creditors. When bad things happen you and your shareholders are the only people left holding the bag!

We saw an opportunity to solve a problem that many business owners face. Placing too much power into the hands of Information Technology professionals with little control. We sat down and designed managed services from the ground up building a much better business model we call Best Managed Technology Systems.

The Best Managed technology methodology

After multiple years working within the Midstream Oil & Gas industry, we saw how they would proactively plan maintenance for years in the future. The industry relies heavily on ISO 9000 Quality Management principles to ensure pipelines are build correctly.

We applied Quality Management principles, with standards for Asset Management, Information Security, Risk Management, Business Continuity as a way to define what we do. Each of these items roll into an operational work program that is the basis for our IT Service Management practice. Each item in the operational work program is proactively scheduled, tracked through completion with the ability to both audit the work, and hold employees accountable. When mistakes are made, processes are in place for continual improvement which allow for us to always get better over time.

It is your business, you should have control over it

Here are 7 signs your business may be placing too much trust into IT
  1. Your IT employees work long hours, do not take vacation and have no time to get projects done.
  2. You get a sense that your IT people are disgruntled and not happy with their role.
  3. Upon request, your IT provider will not provide you with passwords to access administrative functions.
  4. They are confrontational if you wish to have a 3rd party audit the services they provide.
  5. You are not happy with the service, but are scared that you will be locked out of your systems.
  6. Your business is always hit with the latest virus, malware and ransomware attack.
  7. Your IT employees work long hours, do not take vacation and have no time to get projects done.
  8. You make substantial investments in IT, yet are continually experiencing disruptions.
  9. You experienced significant data loss and were forced to pay a ransom.
  10. Your service provider has no insurance coverage should anything bad happen.